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Welcome to the Winter 2010 edition on PhilanthropyNYU! Previously known as Chronicling the Independent Sector, this e-journal focuses on philanthropy in a broad context. PhilanthopyNYU is produced by the students, faculty and staff of the George Heyman Jr. Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising at New York University. Our purpose is to serve as a forum for the broad range of issues which impact the philanthropic community.

As we all look anxiously towards the Spring and warmer weather, the economy appears to be in recovery. At least, we hope that the worst is behind us and that better times are to come. We know from research done about fundraising during the recession of the 1970s that giving often takes years to return to earlier levels in a recovery. And this has tremendous ramifications for the nonprofit community.

This issue focuses on fundraising and strategies for growth during the tough times that will still be with us. This issue features articles on risk averse grantmaking, capital campaigns, and fundraising guidelines from our faculty at the Heyman Center. One of our recent graduates shares her experience with the YMCA in San Francisco. Ralph Dumont, the Executive Director of the Lower East Side Family Union writes about the importance of community based organizations, especially during an economic downturn. This issue also contains interviews (with Francis Hasslebein, the former director of the Girl Scouts), research from one of our students about fundraising in schools of music, and book reviews. We hope that this will provide insight, stimulate thinking, and motivate action in your endeavors; we welcome and look forward to your comments.


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