"Funding for Success" ≠ "funding success"

One of my mantras is that funders should “fund for success.” My intention in this formulation was to challenge the tendency of many funders to ask how little they need to give for a project. They often assume that a grant request is padded and the grantseeker has built in an expectation of a discounted grant amount. ....Read More

Is Now The Time To Begin A Capital Campaign?

As a result of the recent economic downturn many nonprofits have decreased their development efforts; some think this is the safe and sensible approach. However, we propose a different way of thinking. In our view, this is the perfect time to initiate a major fundraising effort. ....Read More

The Real World

In June, 2008, I graduated from the M.S. program in Fundraising at New York University. I had spent a full 18 months steeped in development.... ....Read More


Non Profit Standards – A Request For An Upgrade

I have never been a big fan of the word standard. Schools gave us standardized tests. When you check into a hotel the least expensive choice tends to be the standard room. Cars only come with the basic, standard parts.... ....Read More

In Defense of the Nonprofit "Safety Net" and Small Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

A heightened sense of uncertainty combined with dread has descended upon the NYC nonprofit human services community, in the midst of the current economic crisis and resulting budgetary downturn. The entities that comprise this sector, a great many of them being CBOs, have historically served as the “safety net” for poor and vulnerable New Yorkers. We’re all struggling.... ....Read More

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