An Entrepreneur’s Adventure in Philanthropy 2.0

Each Roadmonkey expedition combines a physically challenging adventure with a hands-on volunteer project that our expedition members complete in 3 or 4 days working alongside the people we’re helping. For each expedition, we partner with a reputable non-profit organization with local roots, to ensure our work is wanted and effective. We fund our volunteer projects by asking our expedition clients – aka roadmonkeys – to raise at least $500 each through their individual social networks. That’s adventure philanthropy. ....Read More

Mariposa Foundation's Claire Bernard – A Conversation

Claire Bernard is a philanthropist and writer. As Vice President of the Mariposa Foundation, a private family foundation, Claire devotes much of her time to furthering the Foundation's mission. The Foundation gives anonymously, concentrating on humanitarian, environmental, and New York City organizations with a focus on social services in NYC. ....Read More

The Three Graces and The Future of Fundraising in France

In November 2010, the Louvre Museum succeeded in raising 1.2 million Euros from more than 7,000 individual donors in just a few weeks for the purchase of the painting The Three Graces. The individual donors, mostly French, gave from 1 to 40,000 Euros, with an average gift of 150 Euros. ....Read More


Is the American Model of Philanthropy Exportable?

The United States has long been lauded for its generous philanthropists and expert fundraisers. More recently its model of philanthropy is gaining interest with the international community. But how exportable is American philanthropy to other countries? ....Read More

Leadership Summit on Global Philanthropy 2011

The topic of global philanthropy has increased in interest over the last couple of years and has resulted in a rich abundance of discussion and exchange all over the world. On February 17th through February 19th, 2011 the George H. Heyman, Jr. Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising at New York University hosted an insightful International Summit that brought together many of the great women and men who are leading this conversation and this field. ....Read More

The Culture of Philanthropy in the Asian American Community

Giving to charity is an American tradition. What happens when the institutions we give to are new or foreign? Or what happens when you grow up in a country where nonprofits or NGOs do not exist? The Asian American community has a relatively “young” history with philanthropy in America ....Read More

Best Practices in Global Philanthropy

When I officially began my professional career working in international development in 1997, the common philosophy guiding me and my freshly hatched college graduate colleagues was how we were working with the goal of building local capacity as a way to “work ourselves out of a job.” Well that is exactly what I did and now thirteen years after making this pledge I have transitioned to embrace a new mission statement. ....Read More

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