PhilanthropyNYU is a publication of the George H. Heyman, Jr. Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising at New York University. We are dedicated to providing an academic e-journal focusing on the issues confronting the philanthropic world today including ethics, fundraising, grant making, law, social entrepreneurship, social justice issues, technology, and programmatic issues.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Naomi Levine, the Heyman Center is committed to providing a curriculum that prepares our students for the philanthropic world of the 21st Century. Our professors reflect the mission of New York University as a campus without walls, integrated with the Capital of the World – New York City. The professionals of philanthropy are readily available to the students of the Heyman Center.

Ruthellen S. Rubin, CFRE, is the faculty advisor of PhilanthropyNYU. Professor Rubin teaches courses in fundraising with technology, nonprofit board effectiveness, and the annual appeal. She also consults to nonprofits and philanthropies to address the challenges of fundraising and the development of long-term initiatives.

The staff of PhilanthropyNYU is composed of students of the Master of Science Program in Fundraising and Grantmaking at New York University. We are dedicated to continuing the tradition of professional fundraising and philanthropy.

The staff includes, Sara Ojjeh – Editor-in-Chief; Karin Dauch – Marketing and Outreach Editor; Jordyn Wolking – Communications & Articles Editor; Katrina Bandong – Articles Editor; and Katherine Zeigler – Articles Editors.

The articles within the journal are the intellectual property of the authors and PhilanthropyNYU. If you would like to use or reprint any portion of the pieces contained herein, please contact to request permission.


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